Spray Oil Bottle Dispenser

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Warm your hands up with this perfect glass oil sprayer!
Nowadays, it’s more and more difficult to avoid using calorie-laden oils to cook your meals. Luckily, we have the convenient Glass Oil Bottle Oil Sprayer! Using our sprayer instead of pouring oil out cuts calories dramatically and makes for a cleaner kitchen. Keep yourself healthy with the Glass Oil Bottle Oil Sprayer!

Your kitchen experience will change forever!


Multi-purpose: It can be used for filling olive oil, vinegar, vegetable oil, lemon and lime juice, sauce, sherry or wine, etc. Perfect for cooking, making salad, grilling, baking, roasting, and frying barbecue, etc.

Easily fill: Easy to check the oil capacity and refill it at any time. In any pan with a fine mist whether it be voluptuous mushrooms roasting in butter or pork sizzling in cinnamon-scented beans.

Stay fresh and clean: Built-in the pump to make things fast, easy, and convenient. The perfect fit in dish flavor and it's also water-soluble, so it'll never put the food in danger.

Healthy and Safe: Healthy life starts from controlling oil. High-efficiency use without wasting. This is the tool to challenge the fitness level.

Durable and Lightweight: Made of durable glass with an 8oz capacity, the lightweight bottle is easy to carry while in cook or dine.

Easy to Use: Simply click on the pressure pump for mist spray and adjust your aim depending on which oil you are using as densities vary between oils and water.


1 pc x Glass Oil Bottle Oil Sprayer

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