Spidey Dance Robot

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For kids, Bot Robot is love at first sight!

Lights, music, and a cheerful mood are key to starting a party. Now this 6-legged, spider-like interactive robot provides all of these entertainments and more for your kid. Bot Robot automatically sets the party mood, dances in rhythm with the music, flash colourful disco lights, and cheers up your baby, thanks to agile robotic technologies!

Engineered to perfections!

It dances without a glitch, moves around seamlessly, and both functional arms give it a more realistic feel. Your kid can’t help but fall in love with this partying robot.

And it is highly engaging and entertaining!

Displaying stunning LED lights in its face, arms, and other body parts, it is designed to attract and “edutain” your kids while helping them boost brainpower and concentrate better.

Develop a keen interest in robotics!

This sci-fi themed robot is so charming that your kids could fall in love with the beauty of AI, and develop career interests in robotics, tech, and sci-fi.

Easy to use and operate

Powered by 3 AA batteries, it comes to life with a switch of the power button. And then the fun begins.

Durable and safe!

The robot is made from high quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly ABS plastics to making it safe and durable to play with. It’s the perfect unisex toy for toddlers and preschoolers!


Kids could spend hours to have a good time with their robot pals!


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