SmartLamp Automatic LED Night Light

Plug Type: US
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Are you tired of stumbling over obstacles at night in your room?

Intelligent lighting system for your home.
With our original SmartLamp Night Light system, you can safely walk around your house at night without worrying! Simply plug the light in your socket and let the rest happen automatically!

The brightness is adjusted to illuminate the ground and not to blind you at night.

Save nature and your wallet.

Our lights are not only made to save nature but your wallet as well! The efficient LED light only consumes around $0.20 per year! It automatically turns off when it senses light and is ideal for any of your rooms. Our SmartLamp™ is a perfect addition to your smart home

Don't like it? We will give you money back.
  • Never stumble over obstacles at night again!
  • Automatically turns on only when it's dark.
  • Efficient - Each light only consumes around $0.20 per year!
  • Perfect for hallways, bedrooms, stairs, kids' rooms, and much more!
  • Modern, compact, minimalist design.
  • 93% of customers order 3 or more for the perfect coverage.
  • Not available in stores!

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