Smart NFC Ring for Android iOS Phones

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Want to unlock your phone with your ring?

Send messages and images to your team?

Convey a secret message to your crush?

Start specific app, link, or simple unlock the door!

The first smart ring to contain 2 high speed NFC chips and be able to transfer images and text files together to be able to transfer Business Card information, Notes, Images, Secret Messages.

Also, it carries in itself  FIR(Far infrared ray Particle) stone, made from nano technology which is known to improve concentration, focus and endurance by effectively improving 'Krebs Cycle"

It is capable of a variety of amazing features perfectly suitable for a professional, some of the few features include:

1.Allows you to have private note saved into the ring, only accessible when you bring your phone close to your device.

2. It allows you to unlock your phone, unlock specific apps and also send private message! Just store a message and take your ring close to an NFC enabled device and watch your message pop on the other person's screen! isn't that amazing?

3. Contains 2 High speed NFC chips for a variety of features, promptly marked with symbols 'I and II', each capable of 106 kb/Second data transfer and also store data in it for 10 years!

Each group of chip is equipped with wireless receiving module, which can rapidly acquire the electromagnetic wave energy of the read-write equipment and efficiently turn it into electricity the chip needs, and then drive each chip to work properly!

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  • Minimalist design creates unique visual language and brand characteristics, breaks traditional electronic wearing equipment.

  • All of it adopts CNC, NC pickling, more curved chamfering, 3D polishing, NCVM vacuum plating, UV light-induced energy storage grain, AI CNC laser carving and other top technologies for processing.
  • It goes through 73 hours of continuous processing and every detail perfectly interprets the standard of light luxury Consumer Electronics
  • It also can help people effectively resist the electromagnetic wave from computer ,phone or electrical appliance.

  • Save all kind of private information to this Smart Ring, For example, Schedule, Accounts, Memo, etc. And set the Ring Touch action to be the only way of View or Edit.

  • IP68 waterproof level, dust-proof and excellent resistance to fall and rolling resistance can be competent to the application requirements of any occasion. 

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