Quick Press Meat Tenderizer

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Turning an expensive steak into tough-to-chew meat every time? 💸 😔
Maybe what you missed is our Quick Press Meat Tenderizer🥩

This tenderizer provides a surefire, budget-friendly way to tenderize tough cuts of meat quickly and effortlessly. Designed with multiple razor-sharp & pine-needled blades, evenly cutting through even the toughest tissue of meat to increase its tenderness. And not just for steak, it works with all kinds of meat!

Also reduces cooking time by up to 40% and provides pathway to marinate easier - Letting seasonings, rubs, herbs etc. to be absorbed deeper into the meat. Simply press to tenderizer to prepare your most palatable, juicy & professionally-cooked meat!

Get this to prep your dinner like a chef now🥩


  • Best Meat Tenderizer
    20 razor-sharp & pine-needled blades helps evenly cut through even the toughest tissue of meat to increase meat tenderness.

  • Evenly Cooked
    Reduces cooking time
    by up to 40% and reduce meat shrinkage to achieve more even cooking.
  • Speed up Marinade Time
    Evenly poking tiny holes on meat helps marinade permeate more easily without flattening the meat. Keep it juicy & flavourful in every bite!

  • High Quality Material
    The blades are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing high durability and resistance to corrosion. The handle is made of food grade ABS plastic for safe food handling.
  • Comfortable to Use
    Ergonomic and non-slip handle allows operating in a comfortable way without slipping off / causing finger fatigue. Also ideal for the elderly or those with weak hands.
  • Not Just for Steak
    Suitable for all kinds of meat including lamb chops, pork loin, chicken breast, beef, turkey, fish, round marinated and infused meat.


  • Material: Plastic, Stainless steel
  • Size (Diameter): 50mm
  • Size (Height): 190mm
  • Color: Black / White


  • 1 x Quick Press Meat Tenderizer

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