Upgraded Soft Silicone Soap Sprayer Toilet Brush

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Toilet brushes are easy to breed bacteria. Need to squeeze the cleaning solution by hand?

This non-punching sticky, silicone toilet brush that can hold detergent can solve your troubles!


  • Press the liquid, the foam does not stick to the hand, and the liquid is discharged while brushing, which is more convenient to clean.
  • Toilet brushes with traditional brushes have these problems: Easy to get tangled in hair, not easy to drain, leaking water at the bottom of the base, easy to fall off the wall, poor cleaning ability, and one-time brush is not clean.
  • Our new toilet brush is made of TPR material, which is flexible and does not hurt the toilet, and gets rid of hair entanglement.
  • Double-layer drainage design on the base gets rid of the trouble of water accumulation.
  • Hole-free design can be firmly attached to the wall, very space-saving.
  • Completely remove gaps, remove stains at one time, and rinse after use, as smooth as new.


Material: plastic, TPRR
Colour: white, green
Size:34cm x 10cm x 10cm
product weight:279g

Package Include:

1 x Upgraded Soft Silicone Soap Sprayer Toilet Brush


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