Portable Creative Ice Ball Maker Bottle

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Find a joyful time and enjoy the clean, fresh, cooling ice on demand!

There's nothing better on a hot summer's day or a long day at work than a big ice-cold drink that cools your body and tastes absolutely delicious. But that experience is quickly ruined with crushed or standard freezer ice cubes that melt away quickly, leaving your drink watered-down and flat.

That's why you need this Creative Ice Ball Maker Bottle! A new way to conveniently make ice balls for smoothies, drinks, cocktails, and more.

No more touching the ice with your hands with this ice tray, not even when serving!


INNOVATIVE AND ORIGINAL: The versatile ice maker kettle can be used for both containing your favourite drink and making ice balls at home. After freezing the ice cube maker in the refrigerator, you can use the ice ball to add cooling spice to your drink, or just carry the kettle with you, which will deliver a whole day’s fresh cooling drink.

EASY TO USE: Just pulling out to make the ice ball. After freezing, simply pull the silicone handles on both sides at the same time to quickly get the complete ice ball. The handle is made of soft silicone rubber, which is easy to pull without hurting your hands. Non-slip silicone helps to avoid accident falling effectively.

PREMIUM TRITAN: Crafted with preferred food-grade plastic with clear and visible texture, you can control the quantity of the liquid you transfer in and witness the actual freezing condition. Appropriate cap size allows you to easily fill water to avoid spills.

17 ICE BALLS: Simply fill the ice-making kettle with your favourite drink, like water, kola, spirits, put the portable cooler into the refrigerator for a while, then pull the straps, and the ice-making kettle would serve you 17 ice balls with ease. 100% watertight, our ice cube mold seals the drink and will not absorb any smells in your refrigerator.

ANTI-LOST CHAIN: There is an anti-lost connecting chain between the cap and the bottle, which can be flexibly assembled and disassembled, making it more convenient to carry out. At the same time, the lid will not be lost. Compact and flat kettle body occupies little space, you’re free to put the kettle in any container.


Material: PET (Food Grade Silicone)
Colour: Pink, White, Grey
Size: 27.3 x 11.4 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Portable Creative Ice Ball Maker Bottle


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