Multipurpose Whisk Wiper

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Type: Whisk Wiper
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Want to use up every drop of batter
This Whisk Wiper can help!

Multipurpose Whisk Wiper allows you to wipe your whisk and return all batter to the mixing bowl with a pull! Don't wash those batter down the drain anymore! It makes clean-up so much faster & easier!

It can be used as a bowl scraper, allowing you to reach corners and scrape out all the leftovers. This set is made of premium materials, ensuring a longer lifespan with high durability.

You can rest the whisk freely on the edge of the bowl or over the table, without causing a mess. It can also catch the drips from falling. Its hanging hole design makes it easy to store and dry. Perfectly fits most whisks up to 7 wires. 

Multipurpose Whisk Wiper helps you to save every last bit!



  • Wipe Your Whisk!
    Wipe & clean a whisk within seconds. Put this on your whisk before your work. When the mixing is done, you can simply take this whisk wiper off to return all batter to the bowl, instead of washing it down the drain.

  • Bowl Scraper
    It can be used to scrape out every drop of batter on both curved and flat surfaces, reducing preparation time and food waste. It even gets corners!

  • No More Kitchen Mess!
    You can rest the whisk freely on the edge of the bowl or over the table, without causing a mess.  It can also catch the drips from falling to simplify the clean-up after baking.

  • Hanging Hole Design
    This whisk wiper has a hole for hanging, allowing you to hang it over the sink to let it dry after washing. It is also easy to store.

  • Perfectly Fits Your Whisk
    This wiper perfectly fits other whisks up to 7 wires. You can use it on your own whisk. 
  • Premium Quality
    Our whisk wiper set is made of high quality stainless steel and plastic. The wiper is flexible, strong and durable while the whisk is well-built that made to last. 


  • Size as below:

  • Material: Stainless Steel (Whisk) / PMMA + TPE (Whisk Wiper)


  • 1 x Multipurpose Whisk Wiper
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Whisk 


  • 1 x Multipurpose Whisk Wiper

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