Multi-function Adhesive Sealing Strips

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Size: 25mm X 5m
Color: Transparent
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The Multi-function Adhesive Sealing Strips is perfect for household use to stop dust or insects go into your place or prevent rains & air leakage. Also, it can act as a sound barrier by sealing the door gap. With the strong shock absorption feature, the seal tape can prevent collision between furnitures.


It is made of quality silicone which is soft and durable. With the strong adhesive back tape, it can closely seal up any gap. It is water-proof that is perfect for bathroom use. There are various colors for selection, let's pick yours now!        


  • Strong Adhesive: There is a strong adhesive back tape that can easily attach to any surface and closely seal up any gap. 

  • Adjustable Length: The tape is adjustable that you are free to trim to any length to fit your needs.

  • Temperature Resistant: The silicone tape has high temperature resistant that maintains excellent performance in both hot and cold environment.

  • Water-proof: It is water proof that is perfect for bathroom use or sealing up the window. 

  • Wide Application: The tape can be widely use for household purposes like window seal, shower door seal, anti-collision tape etc. 

  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 25mm (W) / 45mm (W)
  • Color: Transparent / White / Brown / Grey


  • 1 x  Multi-function Adhesive Sealing Strips

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