Moonstone Earrings - Sheeny Studs

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
In stock

About These Earrings

The perfect combination of chic gemstone and edgy detail, the Moonstone Earrings - Sheeny Studs are your new everyday fave. Luminous, authentic Moon Magic Moonstone is carved into gorgeous double terminating points, then accentuated with a unique metallic wrapping.

Support inner balance with Moonstone, the stone of new beginnings.


- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone

- Stone Size:  0.47" x 0.35" (1.2cm x 0.9cm)
- Cut: Prism-shaped step cut

How To Style 

These studs are a feminine option to elevate any outfit. Moonstone brings a hint of radiant color, while the metallic detail provides some eye-catching intrigue. Perfect with jeans or stunning with heels, you will find yourself reaching for these special gemstones every day.

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