Moonstone Earrings - Rumi Studs

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
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About These Earrings

Let the geometric beauty of the Moonstone Earrings - Rumi Studs complement your radiant features. Two authentic, rectangular Moon Magic Moonstones create the perfect balance of unique and subtle. The stunning hues of Rainbow Moonstone promote inner balance and intuition, make them meaningful earrings to guide you through life.   


- Authentic Moon Magic Rainbow Moonstone

- Stone Size:  0.28" x 0.20" (7mm x 5mm)
- Cut: Emerald-shaped step cut

How To Style 

The modern shape of these Rumi Studs will add a contemporary, elevated twist to every outfit. From morning to evening the radiance of Moonstone will attract all the right attention, complementing eyes that sparkle.

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