Microwave Bacon Rack

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 🥓Here's the BEST WAY to cook bacon!😋

No more burnt and greasy bacon! Microwave Bacon Rack is an innovative kitchen tool for you to cook bacon perfectly. Simply hang on the bacon and put them into the microwave. Crispy bacon finished in few minutes!

Designed with a convenient tray that catches the fats and oils. Prevent the bacon from soaking into the oil and REDUCE UP TO 35% FAT! Healthier and Crispier!


  • 🥓 Cook Bacon Perfectly
    The innovative design helps you to cook bacon in an easy way, leaving you with nothing but to cook crispy bacon perfectly in mere minutes.

  • 🥓  Easy to Use
    Simply hang the bacon over the bars, place a paper towel over the bacon, and put it into the microwave.

  • 🥓  No Flipping Needed
    Cooks your bacon perfectly without flipping the bacon. No more scaring of scalding by oil.

  • 🥓  Healthier & Crispier
    Hangs the bacon strips can reduce the oils by up to 35% than laying them. Bacon strips can dry faster without soaking into the oil that can make them crispier!

  • 🥓  Easy Clean-Up
    Design with convenient tray that catches fats and oils. Prevent grease from splattering on the cook-top and even floors. Keep your kitchen clean and less messy.


  • Material: Food-grade PP
  • Size:  22cm x 23cm x 13cm


  • 1 x Microwave Bacon Rack

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