Magic 8 in 1 Faucet Wrench

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Tighten And Loosen Screws In Hard To Reach Places With This All-in-one Tool!

The wrench is especially perfect for plumbing jobs when nuts are in the most difficult-to-reach areas. It can fit nuts of most sizes and is very easy to use. With the length of this tool, reaching far-off spots behind sinks or toilets is much easier.

No need to become a contortionist just to reach that one tough nut, bolt, or line! Use The Sink Wrench and makes installing faucets & sinks so much easier. This handy tool can save your knuckles, back, and money!

It's a must-have wrench for every handyman!


High efficiency: The sink installer tool is suitable for small space operation and easy to rotate. The extra-long design allows you to turn the hard-to-reach mounting nuts on the faucet, sprayer, and ball cock, making installation more convenient.

Labor-saving design: Sink installer model inserts the rod into the hole to increase the rotation force, and it can be easily rotated at an awkward angle without scratching the chrome plating. It does not require much effort to complete the work.

Lightweight and high quality: Easy to insert, easy to disassemble, suitable for small space operation, and easy to rotate.

Multi-function wrench: The tools for plumbers are suitable for tap nuts, supply nuts, shut-off valves, filter baskets, supply line nuts, and more tap and sink installers. It is simpler and more convenient than traditional wrench tools.


Materials: ABS plastic & Aluminum
Colour: Red
Length: 260mm

Product Includes:

1 x Magic 8 in 1 Faucet Wrench


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