Mini Knife Sharpener

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Efficient and sharp sharpening effect!

Whether you’re slicing meat or dicing vegetables, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless.


Keep your knives diamond-sharp, sharpen and repair your rusted and busted blades in the blink of the eye.


Strong Suction Cup Design: Provides a strong base for the sharpener, for a smooth, quick, and one-handed sharpening.

Make your hands safer: Whether on the desktop or on the wall, sharpen the knife with one hand to keep your hands away from injury.

More than one usage: When it is not working, it can be turned into a hook to hang aprons or others.

Compact and Portable: Less than the size and weight of a tennis ball, it takes up almost no space in the kitchen, puts it in your pocket or backpack without any burden when you go outdoors.

Easy to use: You just need to put it on a smooth desktop and press the black switch. It will suck very strongly on the table. Then you can start to sharpen the knife. 


Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 60 x 60 x 70mm
Weight: about 43g

Package includes:

1 x Mini Knife Sharpener


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