Izzy STEM Robot (Ages 5-10)

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Learning is fun with Izzy!

Izzy the STEM Robot helps your child learn how to draw, spell, and do math easily from the comfort of your home.

Learning with Izzy is super easy! 

Izzy comes with 24 easy to follow drawing and spelling courses

kids can self-learn and progress at their own pace; boosting their creativity and confidence along the way.

Izzy works instantly!

1) Just switch her on
2) Show her the drawing card you would like it to draw
3) Sit back and let Izzy do her magic!

Izzy breaks every drawing into easy-to-follow steps. 

It has a soothing human voice to guide and keep your kids engaged in the drawing process.

Just follow along with Izzy and create an artistic masterpiece every time!  


Izzy uses art and storytelling to make teaching the principles of math super fun!


Repeat any of the steps with the Re-do button and Izzy will gladly repeat the steps. 

Drawing step-by-step will help your kids shape their thoughts by creating a mental picture of objects like artists and scientists do!


Bring your family together for fun drawing activities today!
Izzy is designed to bring fun to learning and keeping your kids engaged the entire time!

Start a drawing competition with Izzy and your kid as the rival team 😉

It comes with a rechargeable battery so your kids can take it wherever they go!

Your child will love Izzy! 
TAP ADD TO CART now! And bring Izzy home Today! 


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