Intelligent human induction LED night light

Mode: chargeable
Color: Warm Light
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  • 120 ° range: wide angle induction

  • Safe: class V0 flame retardant material

  • Magnetic suspension, more convenient to use
    Option 1: glue the iron sheet on the smooth surface (where the light should be installed). Fix the light magnetically.
    Option 2: attract the light directly magnetically on the metal surface (iron shelf, refrigerator, etc.)
    Option 3: designed with a strap to hang lights on hooks, door handles, etc.

  • Available space: driveway, bathroom, bedside table, closet, stairs, bedroom, entrance, living room

  • The dual-sensing element can intelligently identify the lighting conditions of the environment and detect that the human body is turned on automatically, which is convenient for use.

  • External: Class V0 fireproof enclosure, safe and reliable
    Internal: Intelligent chip detection, overload and over-discharge protection


  • Three modes: off mode, auto-sensing mode, on mode

  • Several types: dry battery version, charging version

  • Light Color: Warm and White

  • Dry battery capacity: 1000mAh

  • Charging version: 3* AA batteries (not included)

  • Size: 3.22* 3.22* 1.1Inches

  • Materials: ABS and PC

  • Packet: 1* Intelligent human induction LED night light


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