InstantMelte™ Car De-icer Spray

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 Icy windshields messing with your morning?

InstantMelte™ Car De-icer Spray can save you from the trouble of scraping ice off in winter morning! It removes ice from your car windshield in seconds and defrost your car locks too! With just 1 spray, you can get ice off your car instantly!

Removing icy build-up is NO LONGER troublesome & time-consuming even for a high SUV or van. Simply spray on the frozen part & wipe the loosened ice away with a soft cloth. This de-icer spray can prevent dangerous driving conditions, such as hazy side-view mirrors, refreezing windshields, etc. It can be widely applied on windshields, windows, side viewing mirrors, locks, latches and more.

Get de-iced, clean windshield & ready for some driving!


  • De-ice Your Car Windshield
    It removes thick, icy build-up in just seconds! You can now get ice off your windshield instantly without pounding on it with a scraper.

  • Safe Winter Driving
    The high-performance ice-melting formula can reduce dangerous refreezing. Don’t let an ice-covered, hazy windshield slow you down.

  • Easy To Use
    Simply spray windshield and wipers to loosen ice. When ice begins to come loose, just wipe it away onto the ground with a soft cloth.
  • Time-Saving
    If you find your car door locks got frozen in morning, just spray the de-icer and wait for 10 seconds to melt the ice, insert your keys and get you on the road in no time. 

  • Wide Application
    It can be used safely on metal & glass to melt ice, snow or frost. Perfect for removing ice layer on windshields, windows, side viewing mirrors, locks, latches, gas lines, and more.


  • Capacity: 100ml


  • 1 x InstantMelte™ Car De-icer Spray


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