Grease Gun Coupler

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No hands are needed to align or hold the grease coupler in place while greasing.

Grease goes in, not on the machine. Long-lasting rebuildable tool.


Small Size: This fat coupler is easy to use in narrow areas. A smooth retraction mechanism allows one operation. Once the grease connector is locked onto the nipple, it will stay open, freeing both hands to operate the grease tool.

Up to 10000PSI Locking and Sealing: Reinforced jaws and high-quality sealing gaskets ensure long-lasting and stable performance, preventing leakage even under the extreme pressure of 10000 PSI.

Unique Design: The extended grease tip allows access to recessed mechanical parts, which helps locate the grease nipple in blind spots.

Sturdy and Durable: Made of the highest quality stainless steel material, the grease coupler is durable and ideal for continuous use without breakage, leaks, warping or typical wear. The springs perform well and guarantee smooth sliding throughout their life cycle.

Compatible with All Grease Tools and Grease Nozzles: 1/8 NPT is suitable for all standard grease tools, including mini grease tools. It also fits all DIN and SAE grease fittings, just replace the existing grease tool coupling.


Material: Steel + Iron + Galvanized
Size: 9×5cm
Pressure: 10000 PSI

Package Include:

1 x Grease Gun Coupler


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