Golf Silicone Toilet Brush

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Clean even the hard-to-reach areas of your toilet bowl with this Golf Silicone Toilet Brush!

Designed with the shape of a golf club, this toilet brush is shaped to fit perfectly into every corner of the toilet, better deepened the cleaning of the gap, can go deep into pipes and grooves, reach to some dead corner or an under-rim section.

This Golf Silicone Toilet Brush reaches every gap and corner in your toilet, giving it a deep clean, keeping your family safe from disease and bacteria.


360° deep cleaning: The shape of the golf club fits perfectly to every corner of the toilet, which better deepens the cleaning of the gaps, and can penetrate deep into the pipes and grooves to reach some dead corners or under the rim.

TPR Brush Head: It is moderately soft, can be bent freely, will not scratch the toilet even if the brush head cleans the toilet with great force. It can also easily be cleaned, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning problem after using the brush.

Quick-drying Holder: Silicone toilet brush with inner hollow design ensures that there are several drainage holes. The hidden vents allow the water on the brush to evaporate faster and avoid a bad smell.

Hanging Wall Design: Perforation-free and durable. Nail-free installation, strong and non-marking stickers, durable and stable, not easy to fall.Convenient for daily cleaning.

Durable & Effective: This toilet brush is made of PP + TPR brush head, TPR bristle is durable and easy to dry, also no harm to your ceramic toilet. Soft brush fibers require gentle, the lighter the touch, the better the cleaning results.

Non-slip Handle: The handle is ergonomic that fits in your hand perfectly, humanised handle keeps away from slip and bending.

Wide Application: This new type of toilet brush is not only for toilet bowls, but also for cleaning sinks, washbasin, and bathtubs! Works for any bathroom decoration, suitable for family bathrooms, apartments, dormitories, cabins RV and campers, etc.


Materials: PP + TPR
Colours: White, Black, Green
Size: 41x10x7.1 cm

Package Includes:

1x Silicone Brush
1x Brush Holder
1x Wall Mounted Hook 



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