Food Storage Bag Clamps

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Keeping your chip bags sealed has never been easier than with Food Storage Bag Clamps!


This simplicity is what makes Food Storage Bag Clamps the perfect addition to any food prepper's arsenal.


Toughest food storage: Picture your toughest food storage challenge. The clamps allow to seal the chips and make them all indivisible without the need for scissors. A must-buy if want peace of mind, zero waste initiatives, and/or a more empathetic approach to food!

Healthy and Safe: Children can safely flex their creativity without fear, with an ergonomic design factor that makes opening and sealing bags of any size easy for those with arthritic hands or who are recovering from surgery. Plus there is no sharp metal tip or blades.

Premium Quality: The bag clips have a wide pour spout so that cups or dishes don't get too much food in them. These handsome clamps work on everything from chips to freeze-dried meats. And they have a tight seal so never lose any of those delicious flavors.

Food sealing clips: Perfect for securing the chip and sauce cans. With a simple squeeze around any part on the back of the bag that is open, not only get a great seal but also are able to easily pour out what's left in the bag without causing any mess.


1 pc X Food Storage Bag Clamps


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