Kitchen Aluminum Foil Protector

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Say goodbye to clean-up time!

If you are looking for a product to cover and protect your gas cooker from any nasty burnt spills- then this is a perfect choice!


NON-STICK & HEAT RESISTANT: Protect the gas cooker by keeping it clean and prevent stains from starting. Made of nonstick material, that can wipe away any spills or drippings without using chemical cleaners, 

NEW STYLE INVENTION: A great new invention can be trimmed in shape to fit. With a professional, non-stick surface and fibre glass material that is smooth for easy cleaning, make sure the stove will stay as immaculate as possible.

SAFE AND CONVENIENT: Get the benefits of cooking without the potential stress and mess. In just seconds, it can place this foil disc under the gas stove burner to guard against accidental flames.

WIDELY IN USE: Designed to be used with practically any type of kitchenware. Protects pots, pans, and even hands while cooking over a gas stove.

DURABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE: Easy to clean with soapy warm water, so it can be used. Beneficial for both the gas cooker and the Cleaner's sanity. making the surface easy to clean. Just slip this cover over the top of your stove and watch as it prevents spilled food from boiling onto the burner like a hot cast iron skillet!


1 pc x Kitchen Aluminium Foil Protector


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