Fingertip Cube Gyro

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Feel sleepy after lunch? Get nervous before an interview?
With this little cube, you can stay awake & calm your nerves anytime, anywhere!

Fingertip Cube Gyro is an innovative cube fidget to keep restless fingers busy, bodies relaxed, and minds focused. With its ergonomic design, you can hold it effortlessly with two fingers and enjoy a really relaxing moment! The cube spinner comes in 4 soft candy colors: pink, blue, green and yellow. It is a handy option that can be thrown in a bag or even stowed in your pocket.

Unlike other fidgets, it can spin silently & smoothly, giving off a soothing optical illusion. Suitable for using at classrooms, offices, waiting rooms or cars. It can help to enhance focus, reduce restlessness, and manage anxiety. Great gift for both kids & adults!

Looking for something you can play with during your commute? Fingertip Cube Gyro will be your BEST choice!


  • Long-lasting High Speed Spin
    The fidget ensures the smoothest rotation and consistency so that it can spin really silently & quickly for a long time. Simply hold it with two fingers and spin for at least 1 minute. The spinning time can be even longer after some practice.

  • Ergonomic Design
    This must-have spinning toy features a compact & ergonomic design with a smooth surface and round corners that facilitates effortless handling.

  • Stress Relief
    It helps to boost your concentration and calm your nerves with it soothing spins. With a fidget spinners, you will be able to quit unwanted habits such as nail biting & smoking.
  • Portable For Whenever & Wherever
    You can take it with you whenever, wherever you are - at homework time or work, in waiting rooms, restaurants or car, or before bedtime. Just have fun and enjoy the calming moment!

  • Creative Gift
    Great gift for your kids on festivals, birthday and any special day! It is high-quality and surprisingly durable enough to survive generations of play under crashes.


  • Size: 4 x 4 x 4 cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Pink/Yellow/Green/Blue


  • 1 x Fingertip Cube Gyro


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