Efficient Universal Triangle Drill Bit Set

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Drill Smoothly And Accurately with our Efficient Universal Triangle Drill Bit Set!

No need to add water, you can drill all the way through with one click. Our Efficient Universal Triangle Drill Bit Set tightens the electric drill and prevents it from slipping, making it safer to use.


HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: It is made of high-quality YG6X alloy as raw material. The oxynitride process of the cutter head strengthens the hardness of the tip.

SURFACE ELECTROPHORETIC PAINTING PROCESS: Full and anti-rust sanding treatment, clean and sharp without burrs. The drill bit is more wear-resistant and more durable. Fully Automated Polishing: Polished CNC is fully automated, everyone is unifying.

UNIQUE CROSS CORNER DESIGN: Small incision resistance, stable drilling feature, fast speed, without breaking the border. Clean, smooth opening, no broken edges, no tremor, chipping easily.

WIDE RANGE OF USES: Professional glass and tile drill bits provide smooth and precise drilling in ceramic tiles, marble, thin iron plates, mirrors, and glass. 

5 DIFFERENT SIZES: Suitable for your different needs. Can be installed in the general electric drill, bench drill. The range of machine drill clamps is 10mm and above.


Material: Cemented Carbide
Sizes: 3x70/4x70/5x76/6x77/7x80mm

Package Includes:

Efficient Universal Triangle Drill Bit 5 Pcs / SET



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