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Easy Kitchen Bundle That Will Make Meal Prep Work Oh-So-Much Easier!

Peeling, Slicing, and Mincing fruits and veggies are a pain. And peeling something like a bag of potatoes can seem like a never-ending task. Not to mention hand cramping or pain in your palm and wrist! But it doesn't have to be that way. With Easy Kitchen Bundle, get the job done safely, efficiently, and comfortably. Exceptionally easy to use!

Multifunctional Vegetable Peeler: Live a healthy life and create nice-looking, delicious, attractive meals for your family with the Multifunctional Vegetable Peeler.  Comes with the highest quality stainless steel blades, one blade to peel vegetables and the other one to slice them into long strips, helpful for salad making. What's more, built-in potato-eye remover. 

Stainless Steel Garlic Presser: Add flavor to your life with this Stainless Steel Garlic Presser, easily crush or mince garlic and ginger in half the time. The arc form of the garlic press allows you to press it quickly and easily. A comfortable handle design makes squeezing garlic or ginger much easier and faster, even for those with weaker grip or small hands. 

Multifunctional Mandoline Food Slicer: Chop your favourite fresh ingredients with enhanced precision and ease using the Multifunctional Mandoline Food Slicer! Ideal for preparing all kinds of vegetables for salads, soups, and more. A must-have for any avid home cook.  Designed to chop all kinds of food, such as onion, potato, mushroom, cucumber, carrot, tomato, ginger, garlic, cheese, and more.


Multifunctional Vegetable Peeler:
Material: Zinc Alloy + Stainless steel
Size: 18.5x1.3 cm

Multifunctional Mandoline Food Slice:
Material: BPA-FREE + ABS + Stainless Steel
Size: 34 x 23x 13cm

Stainless Steel Garlic Presser:
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 10x5x7cm

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