Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids and Adults

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  • ✔ Keep the Seat Belt Tight: Stop any sideways movement, not irritating face, neck or chest area.

  • ✔ Soft and Comfortable: Made of premium leather, durable and will not make belly uncomfortable when use.

  • ✔ Compact Design: The small size fits perfectly with the seat belts, will not feel hot in summer.

  • ✔ Easy to Install and Store: Save time and portable, can keep it in the seat belt.

  • ✔ Compatible: Fit for all standard seat belt widths (fits up to 50mm).


  • This is recommended for drivers who feel tight with seatbelts and especially for Kids in Encouraging them to wear seatbelts.

  • * Car seat belts can sometimes be too tight at the shoulders, neck and face. The Seat Belt Adjuster easily clips onto the shoulder belt to provide additional slack for driving comfort.

  • * Made of High-quality leather, the Adjuster will last through regular and normal usage once correctly secured in place.

  • The design of these seat belt adjuster clips ensures comfortable handling and unparalleled convenience, not irritating your neck, face or chest area.

  • The compact size makes them portable, keep them in your bag, purse or backpack, so have one on hand wherever you go.

  • Designed to accommodate all standard seat belt widths, the two Adjusters in this pack are great for use in your vehicle, rental car, charter bus and more.


  • Material: PU and alloy

  • Weight: 50G

  • Size: as shown

  • Color: Black, grey, brown

  • Packet: 2* Car Seat Belt Adjuster for Kids and Adults


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