Anti-fog or rain Helmet Film

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Type: Anti- rain
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The anti-fog film makes riding easier and reduces eye fatigue. It has the functions of shading and protecting the eyes and resisting ultraviolet radiation.


  • Safer: The full-frame universal helmet anti-fog and anti-rain film can effectively waterproof and anti-fog. With a clearer vision, driving at night is safer.

  • Good light transmittance: The light transmittance of the anti-fog film is as high as 95%. 

  • Anti-glare: Anti-fog film is more suitable for helmet lenses, reducing the phenomenon of anti-glare film, making riding safer.

  • Resistance to physical hydrolysis: The anti-fog film has a special molecular structure. After being wetted by rain, the anti-fog film will not reduce the anti-fog effect. After rinsing with water and wiping with a cloth, you can continue to use it.

  • Wide application: general anti-fog film, suitable for full helmet, half helmet, sun visor, off-road helmet, (not suitable for bubble helmet).


  • Material: PET

  • Type: Anti- fog or anti- rain

  • Size: 9.25* 3.15Inches

  • Weight: 0.07lb

  • Packet: 1* Anti-fog or rain Helmet Film


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